Jan Shiksha Jagruti

Welcome to Jan Shiksha Jagruti

JAN SHIKSHA JAGRUTI is an Education Guideliner Organization. Our mission is to serve the students those who are looking forward to get admission in HIGHER EDUCATION like Engineering, Medical & MBA.

Many students choose professional courses like engineering, medical, law, finance, business, etc without understanding his/her proficiency. And this leads to a serious problem for students as well as country. This leads us to unemployment. Students are joining these courses because of his family suggestion, pressure or some influences without analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Right here they need some guideline so that they can choose their path confidently and this is where “JAN SHIKSHA JAGRUTI” plays an important role.

Transparent and complete information regarding courses, colleges and universities of India must be provided to the students. The Students those who are seeking admission in professional courses can get benefits through this proposal. Professional knowledge is much more important in present scenario as it makes students self dependent. This step can lead to reduce unemployment. We all are aware with the problems created by unemployment. Youth needs proper guidance. This deal would play a vital role in development as well as minimizing employment. We are happy that we are serving for the welfare and development of students.